Performance Prediction of JAXA’s LE-9 Upper & Lower Combustion Chambers Presented at 2019 Joint Propulsion & Energy Forum

Dr. Yu Daimon recently presented a performance analysis of JAXA’s LE-9 upper and lower combustion cambers using CRUNCH CFD at the 2019 Joint Propulsion and Energy Forum. The LE-9 will used as the first-stage engine for JAXA’s flagship H3 launch vehicle. Dr. Daimon and his team used CRUNCH CFD’s multi-physics capabilities to perform a fully-coupled combustion and heat transfer simulation of the upper and lower main combustion chambers for the LE-9 engine.

AIAA 2019-4112


Regenerative cooling performance of both an upper and lower main combustion chambers of the LE-9 engine is estimated by conjugated combustion and heat transfer simulations. Two kinds of combined combustion and heat transfer simulation methodology are proposed. A modeling of the upper main combustion chamber affects an accuracy of predicting of regenerative cooling performance for the lower main combustion chamber. Hydrogen film cooling and Hydrogen/Oxygen injectors induces a high concentration of hydrogen on the combustion chamber wall. Hydrogen distributions on the combustion chamber wall
determines the wall heat flux profiles.

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