Archive | September, 2019

Performance Prediction of JAXA’s LE-9 Upper & Lower Combustion Chambers Presented at 2019 Joint Propulsion & Energy Forum

Dr. Yu Daimon recently presented a performance analysis of JAXA’s LE-9 upper and lower combustion cambers using CRUNCH CFD at the 2019 Joint Propulsion and Energy Forum. The LE-9 will used as the first-stage engine for JAXA’s flagship H3 launch vehicle. Dr. Daimon and his team used CRUNCH CFD’s multi-physics capabilities to perform a fully-coupled […]

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JAXA Presented Simulation of Unshrouded Impeller In Liquid Rocket Pumps At Propulsion & Energy Using CRUNCH CFD

Dr. Hideyo Negishi (JAXA) recently presented at the 2019 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum titled: “Numerical Study of Tip Clearance Effects in a Centrifugal Pump with Unshrouded Impeller for Liquid Rocket Engines.” JAXA used CRUNCH CFD to model a full-stage LE-X liquid hydrogen pump. Abstract: Using an unshrouded impeller in liquid rocket pumps is a […]

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